Maintaining Relationships With Customers Through Teleconferences Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

As an effort to prevent the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19), PT KHI Pipe Industries enforces a policy for all employees in Jakarta to work from home (WFH). Due to this policy, KHI’s mobility, visits, and communication to all customers are not optimal. To maintain the intensity of the relationship between KHI and customers, customer involvement is carried out using teleconferencing. This is one of the steps to prevent the spread of the corona virus and aims to explain and explain the situation and conditions of customers in the midst of the current pandemic outbreak.

In its activities, KHI tries to provide support to customers so that they continue to develop and stay healthy. In addition, KHI also explains the steps for prevention and vigilance of the corona virus by always checking the body temperature of incoming employees / guests, providing hand sanitizers in strategic places and implementing physical distancing. This activity is always attended by the board of directors and general managers as well as several managers and sales who are concerned.

It is hoped that with this activity, the relationship that exists between KHI and customers will be maintained and support each other in the midst of current conditions.

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