INTERNATIONAL CRUISE TERMINAL (Current Training Wall And Interface Deck) – Mc Connell Dowell SEA

At the end of 2009, PT KHI had a cooperation agreement with Mc Connell Dowell SEA in providing pipe piles for the INTERNATIONAL CRUISE TERMINAL (Current Training Wall and Interface Deck) project of 16013.27 tons.

Pipe with the BS EN 10219 specification has several variations in diameter and thickness with several sizes ranging from 31 M – 51.5 M:

Diameter 1200X14 mm
Diameter 1200X16 mm
Diameter 1200X19 mm
Diameter 1000X16 mm
Diameter 1000X16 mm

The pipeline is also equipped with Accesories Pile Shoe, Pithing Hole and Interlock plate, the work is planned to be carried out in the first quarter of 2010. The first deliveries will begin in early March 2010 partially CIF Singapore Port and plans in November 2010 according to customer demand.

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