Sharing Motivation And Inspiration Through The Teaching Management Program

The development of a company is inseparable from good relations with stakeholders, including the local community. The company realizes that the community is part of the company, which is endeavored to be an obligation for the company to continue to develop the surrounding community.

One of the efforts to develop this community is poured into a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program called the Teaching Management Program. The Teaching Management Program is implemented by Krakatau Steel and all of its subsidiaries.

KHI as a subsidiary of Krakatau Steel which is engaged in the steel pipe industry and anti-corrosion application services also participates in this Teaching Management Program activity. The activity was held on May 21, 2015 which took place at MA Al-Jauharotunnaqiyah, Cibeber.

With about 80 students followed in a room that was arranged to impress them casually, the students sat cross-legged while enjoying the snack box that had been prepared. Present as a speaker was Corporate Secretary Denny Prasetya who not only provided an introduction to the industry but also included attitudes in the world of work and motivation for students to achieve their goals. The event took place very attractively, from the number of students who answered every question given, especially with the distribution of prizes for students who were able to answer. Furthermore, apart from providing motivation and inspiration, KHI also provides compensation to the school in the form of sports equipment and plant pots for reforestation.

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