LTRO Project Supply Linepipe And Bend Coated By Connoco Phillips (Grissik) Ltd

In the first quarter of 2011, PT KHI received an order for gas pipes of 2,804 tons of sour service with Dia’s specifications. 12 inch HFRW, API 5 L X-52, PSL 2 NACE MR 0175 with HIC and SSC test requirements. These pipes of strength (99%) will serve 3 LPE coatings while the rest will serve varnish factory standard coatings. The Letang Tengah Rawa Optimization or commonly abbreviated as LTRO Project Phase 1 is the first phase gas pipe project which will be used to reactivate Letang and Tengah gas wells and sell gas in the South Sumatra Region in order to supply Caltex 3 GSA. This pipeline is planned to start in August 2011.

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