National K3 Month Commemoration At PT. KHI

The 2014 National PTKHI Occupational Safety and Health (K3) Month commemoration feels different from previous years. Various activities carried out by PTKHI in commemoration of this National K3 Month, including; Zero Accident Award, Blood Donation, K3LH Appropriate Quick Race, K3LH Exemplary Employees and Best Toilet Sanitation Competition.

Commemoration of the National K3 Month which is held every January 12 to February 12 each year. This is stated in the Decree of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia No. Kep.372 / MEN / XI / 2009 concerning Guidelines for Implementation of the 2010-2014 K3 Month. This year’s K3 Month Commemoration takes the theme “Creating K3 Culture to Ensure Business Stability in Supporting National Growth”.

The series of events to commemorate the National K3 Month was closed with a K3 apple held in the PTKHI factory environment on January 11, 2014. Apples started at exactly two in the afternoon followed by the Board of Directors, Management and Employees of PTKHI. Acting as Ceremony Instructor, President Director of PTKHI and GM. Production as Ceremony Leader. On this occasion, all participants in the ceremony used safety attributes. This is done in addition to fostering a sense of concern for prioritizing safety at work as well as in line with PTKHI’s commitment to cultivating K3 to achieve zero accidents.

The highlight of the K3 Apple event is counting with the handing over of certificates for the winners of the competition in the National K3 Month Commemoration. The Zero Accident Award was given to the SPM Service, while the PPC Division and CorSec Sub-Directorate won the overall champion in the K3LH Appropriate Quick Race and Best Toilet Sanitation Competition. Appearing as an K3LH Model Employee, namely Buchori, who is a workshop for the Infrastructure Service. The criteria for K3LH exemplary employees are; employees who are always disciplined in using PPE in their work area, employees who are always active every week following the K3 apple for the past year and employees who are always active in providing increased ideas in the field of K3LH.

We cannot eliminate potential hazards or sources of danger, however, the implementation of K3 properly and correctly means that the potential hazards will cause damage that results in losses that we can avoid.

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