The Launch Of The First KHI Telecommunication Monopole

In an effort to continue to exist in the pipe manufacturing industry, KHI is taking strategic steps to face increasingly fierce market competition. One of the strategies undertaken by the corporation in 2017 is through increasing the ability of diversity in supplying steel-based products, including electricity / telecommunications poles.

Electrical / telecommunication monopole is a tower made of a series of iron or pipe which aims to place the antenna and radio transmitting and receiving telecommunication waves and information.

The first launch of the KHI monopole telecommunication product was carried out on December 27, 2016 in the KHI Cilegon pipe storage area. The event was attended by the President Commissioner of KHI, Hilman Hasyim and the Board of Directors and Management of KHI. The launch of the telecommunication monopole time product with bolt tightening on the base of the BTS tower prototype (Base Transceiver Station) which is a fabrication from KHI.

The monopole type BTS tower prototype with a total height of 20 meters and has a flange to flange connection type has technical specifications, namely using a pipe with a size

  1. diameter: 406.4, thickness: 12.7mm with a length of 6 meters
  2. diameter: 355.6, thickness: 11.1mm with a length of 6 meters
  3. diameter: 318.5, thickness: 10.3mm with a length of 3.9 meters

In the crisis, the President Director of KHI, Purwono Widodo, greatly appreciated the efforts of KHI innovation in realizing the product diversification plan in 2017. Purwono also said that the KHI product diversification plan was not only monopole electricity / telecommunication products but also several other products such as: square pipe, small pipe, casing pipe and arch pipe.

In line with the President Director, Hilman Hasyim as the President Commissioner of KHI also appreciates the KHI innovation team that has succeeded in making a BTS tower prototype. Furthermore, in the crisis, Hilman also conveyed that the handling of product diversification must be realized, because this product is expected to become a product and company in 2017. (AAS)

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