KHI Provides Steel Pipes In The Synergy Of BUMN To Develop Tanjung Emas Jetty

PT KHI Pipe Industries (KHI) made the first delivery of the pipeline for the Tanjung Emas Port Development project on Monday (7/1). PT Pelindo III’s Tanjung Emas Port Jetty Development Project is a Synergy Project of four SOEs, namely PT Hutama Karya as a contractor, PT Krakatau Steel through its subsidiary PT KHI Pipe Industries supplying construction pipes and PT Bhanda Graha Reksa as a transporter.

In the jetty development project, the terminal with dimensions of 38 x 300 meters is elevated by 2.1 meters of low water spring (LWS) or the water level. This development is carried out so that the dock, which was originally for general cargo, can become a container dock.

KHI supplies pipes with ASTM A252 specifications for the construction of the Tanjung Emas port dock with a total order of 7,300 tons. The pipes with varying diameters between 32-47 ”and 12 meters each are using 3LPE (three layer polyethylene) coating application and varnish. All the raw materials for Hot Rolled Coil (HRC) used in the manufacture of these pipes come from the production of Krakatau Steel.

President Director of PT KHI Pipe Industries, Jati Santiono, said that Krakatau Steel and its subsidiaries will always strive to support domestic infrastructure development that will benefit the nation’s progress. Krakatau Steel products and their derivatives are of good quality and are able to meet construction specifications.

“Through the synergy of BUMN, namely PT Hutama Karya as a contractor, KS through its subsidiary supplies construction pipes and PT Bhanda Graha Mutual as a transporter can grow and develop the domestic steel industry as the mother of the industry,” said Jati.

Jati also stated that his party would also complete pipeline deliveries on time while still paying attention to product quality in each project carried out.

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