KHI Supports The 10,000 MW Program For The Construction Of The Tonasa PLTU Jetty And West Sumatra PLTU

To support the 10,000 MW Fast Track I program in overcoming the electricity crisis in Indonesia, PT KHI supplies pipelines for the construction of 2 PLTUs at the same time, namely PLTU Tonasa and PLTU West Sumatra. The construction of the pier for the PLTU will be carried out by PT Rekayasa Industri, which requires 2380 tons of pipe piles (780 tons for PLTU Tonasa and 1,600 tons for PLTU West Sumatra) with Dia specifications. 24-32 inches, specifications. ASTM A252 and 100% ultrasonic testing. This pipe is planned to be delivered in August 2010.

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