KHI Again Holds Company Quality Convention

Realizing the importance of innovation in the sustainability of a business, PT KHI Pipe Industries (KHI) held another Company Quality Convention on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at the KHI Cilegon Auditorium. There is something unusual about the implementation of the Quality Convention in this third year, namely KHI getting the honor where the President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero), Tbk. Mas Wigrantoro Roes Setiyadi at the same time when organizing the Quality Convention which depicts beating the gong three times.

The series of events on that day began with a traditional Banten dance, the Genjring Dance Party which broadcast the song Indonesia Raya and Mars PMT. Azan Fajri as Chair of the Quality Convention Committee delivered his report where at the 2017 convention the number of participants increased by almost 50% compared to last year. In addition to this, in his report, Azan also said that most of the Innovation Programs included in this convention have been applied in companies.

Nizar Achmad as Plt. The President Director in his crisis said that KHI management highly appreciates the innovations that have been made by employees. Nizar also hopes that the Quality Convention event can be held regularly every year and become the company’s annual agenda. Furthermore, in the crisis, Nizar also did not give thanks for the solid, accumulative collaboration of the KHI team until August 2017 showing improved conditions, but Nizar also reminded him to be complacent and continue to maintain performance in the remaining four months of 2017 so that the RKAP target can be achieved according to what the shareholders have.

President Director of KS Mas Wig in appreciating the event of holding the Quality Convention event for the third time at KHI. The world of Wig Mas is constantly changing, as well as market and business conditions, so innovation is an absolute must for companies to survive. “Innovation can be done at a marginal or substantial level in which the deficiency has added value for the company, it’s just that innovation must be done with the company’s competitiveness.” said Mas Wig.

Filled with innovation presentations from the seven best teams in the company, namely:

  1. SGA Q-Team The New Power: Increases monopole manufacturing productivity
  2. SGA Grapiti: Improved fly saw encoder bracket
  3. SGA Muscle Motion: Enhancement beyond the scarf
  4. F1-JO: Modifications to increase AEC production capacity (from OD 48 “capacity to OD 75”)
  5. SGA Pipe Stabilizer: Increase the stability of pipe production OD 1900 mm with a plate thickness of 11 mm
  6. SGA Blade: Reduced the cost of using a rotary blade in the production of pipe API X65 M PSL OD 20 “x 14.33 mm
  7. SGA Insert: Reduced costs and increased life time for inserting cutting machines against ERW # 2

The first winner is SGA F1-JO, second winner is SGA Blade and the third winner is SGA Pipe Stabilizer.

Hopefully the increased enthusiasm of employees who count in the convention shows that KHI employees are innovative at heart who are also problem solvers so they can work more effectively and efficiently for the progress of the company.

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