The Ministry Of Industry Implements Mandatory SNI For Steel Pipe Drains

The Ministry of Industry issued Regulation of the Minister of Industry Number 11 of 2016 concerning Compulsory Enforcement of Indonesian National Standards for Water Drain Steel Pipes With or Without a Zinc Layer. This regulation aims to increase the competitiveness of national industries while providing security, health and safety for consumers.

“Airway steel pipe in question is a carbon or alloy steel pipe made by electric resistance weld (ERW) or submerged arc welding (submerged arc welding / SAW), either with a straight or circular connection,” said the Minister of Industry, Padabeleid. the. Steel pipes include those serving with hot dip galvanizing or uncoated.

In this PAZermenperin entry, compulsory SNI is applied to product types with SNI number 0039: 2013 and tariff post numbers as follows: 7305.31.90.00, 7305.39.90.00, 7306.30.90.90, 7306.50.90.90, and 7306.90.90.90. “This mandatory SNI is also applied to the intended pipe type, which will be coated with other materials,” he said.

However, compulsory SNI can be exempted for imported pipes which have tariff post numbers as above, based on two reasons. First, technical reasons, namely products that have their own standards or international standards with a scope, classification and / or quality requirements that are different from SNI 0039: 2013. In addition, for air duct steel pipes having a diameter of at least 15 mm (1 / 2 inches) or more than 1200 mm (48 inches).

The second reason, namely for special purposes including grants from foreign countries and not a loan, sample items for Certificate of Use Product (SPPT) -SNI plumbing steel pipes, and sample goods for exhibitions showing a minimum of three bars for each type and size . “Imports of air duct steel pipes must go through technical considerations issued by the Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics (ILMATE),” said the Minister of Industry.

In the implementation of this SNI, business actors are required to have SPPT-SNI for air duct steel pipes and affix an SNI mark on one end of the pipe by means of a marking that is easy to read and not easily lost.

This Permenperin also requires domestic producers to submit reports on the realization of production of pipeline steel periodically every year, while importers are required to report important realization periodically every month. The report was submitted to the Director General of ILMATE.

“The water channel steel pipe which has been taken from Indonesia but does not meet the SNI provisions must be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed in accordance with the provisions of the regulations,” said the Minister of Industry. Business actors who violate these provisions will be subject to criminal sanctions in accordance with Law Number 3 of 2014 concerning Industry.

Furthermore, this Permenperin states, the Director General of ILMATE will conduct guidance and supervision of the implementation of SNI enforcement and implementation of production and import realization reports. Regarding coaching, it will be carried out through socialization, consultation and technical guidance.

Meanwhile, supervision will be carried out inside and outside the production location at least once a year. This supervision will also coordinate with relevant agencies as well as the Head of Provincial and Regency / City Offices.

For more details, Permenperin Number 11 / M-IND / PER / 2/2016 which was signed by the Minister of Industry Saleh Husin on February 22, 2016 and started business six months from the date of promulgation on February 23, 2016 can be regulated through: regulation.kemenperin.go. Indo.

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