Dirgahayu KHI-43

Administrator | 26 May 2016

The age of the company which has reached 43 is a long journey and deserves appreciation. Several crisis storms that have hit the company have always tried to pass them well. The company is always improving and employees continue to work hard and motivate themselves to achieve the targets that have been set.

With the theme “43 Years of Excellence as Pipe Manufacturer and Corrosion Protection Applicator”, KHI commemorates its 43 years in a simple way. This event is more of a form of gratitude to God Almighty because His grace always accompanies the company step by step until it reaches the age of 43 years.

The kick-off commemoration of the 43rd KHI Anniversary has been carried out since April 28, 2015 with countermeasures by serving the first volleyball match conducted by the Director of Production and Technology, Nizar Achmad.

The anniversary celebration this time was enlivened by a series of events such as sports competitions between divisions, namely volleyball, futsal and table tennis. In addition, KHI in collaboration with PMI Cilegon City also held a blood donation event. The blood donation event which lasted for half a working day managed to collect 34 blood bags.

The highlight of the 43rd KHI Anniversary commemoration was held to coincide with KHI’s birthday on Friday, May 15 2015. Located at the KHI Cilegon Parking Lot the event was started by mass exercise at 08.00 am, the event was attended by the board of directors, management as well as employees and employees. volume of work employees is no exception.

In his report, Engkos Kosasih as chairman of the committee for commemorating the 43rd Anniversary of KHI delivered details of the implementation of the warning and announcements of sports competition champions. The FHP & I division groups, SHE, PPC and Logistic NRM won the overall title from the QA & QC division Group in this 2015 sports competition. Still in his report, Engkos also announced that the 1st place winners for each of the table tennis, volleyball and futsal matches were the FPH & I, Quality Control and ERW Group # 2-CWC divisions..

Furthermore, Purwono Widodo, President Director of KHI, is in a crisis market condition, where KHI is in a position that must continue to struggle when the current market conditions are weakening. In addition, Purwono also invited all employees to work together to improve solidarity to once again get through the company’s crisis.

Apart from that, in a series of peak events to commemorate the 43rd KHI Anniversary, namely the launch of “KHI is a Health Awareness Company” or KHI as a company that cares about health correlated with balloon flights. The declaration of concern for health is not only a manifestation based on applicable laws, but also as a form of company concern for employee health, considering that more than 50% of KHI employees are over 40 years old. This health care program is not only the responsibility of the company alone, but also the responsibility of the employees themselves.

The Health Awareness Program describes ten main programs, including the implementation of annual health checks and health counseling, healing healing and overtime control for employees with high-risk illnesses and the provision of sports facilities and infrastructure both internally and externally.

Amid the simplicity of this year’s 43rd Anniversary, the excitement of the event was still felt when all employees participated in presenting various creative performances such as singing and band performances.

Commemoration of the 43rd Anniversary is expected to be a starting point to become a company with better performance than before and to improve employee welfare and eventually establish itself as a world-class steel pipe company.

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