Coated Line Pipe For Letang-Bentayan Project (South Sumatra)

In early February 2010, PT KHI collaborated with ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd to procure layered pipelines in South Sumatra with Dia. 8.625 inch, 9.53 mm WT, API 5 LX 46. These pipes are used to replace gas pipes from Letang-Bentayan with a total length of 14 KM. Due to the need for pipes that are very close, this pipe is planned to be produced in the first week of March 2010 and then the pipe will be coated using Fusion Bonded Epoxy with a thickness of 400 microns. Part of this pipeline (2000 m) will begin delivery March 16-17 2010, while the rest will be delivered March 28, 2010 to Grissik Warehouse.

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