Banyu Urip Development Projec Mobil Cepu Ltd (MCL)

As of August 18, 2009, PT KHI Pipe Industries has produced pipes with API specifications 5 L X-60 PSL 2, 20 “OD x 9.53 mm WT, SOUR SERVICE, quantity 77,000 meters (9011 tons).

This pipe requires very strict testing like SSCC & HIC. The project that had been built since 2000 was finally won by PT KHI Pipe Industries (PT KHI). PT KHI as the consortium leader includes PT Indal Steel Pipe (PT ISP) as a member of the consortium.

Based on the SSCC & HIC examiners conducted by the ITB as an independent institution appointed by MCL, the KHI Consortium production pipe passed the examiner. The work on the bare pipe is targeted for completion in early November 2009.

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