Anticipating Disaster, KHI Conducts Fire Evacuation Simulation

Fire is one of the most frequent man-made disasters in Indonesia. Due to minor negligence such as not putting out cigarettes properly, using an electric current that exceeds the capacity, causing an electrical short circuit, not being careful in using dangerous and flammable chemicals, etc., Fires are human accidents that should be prevented and be overcome.

The KHI Cilegon office area is an area with around 50 employees who work during non-shift working hours, with fairly dense activities in the office area, the use of computers and electricity, so they can run electricity and fires in the office area.

Anticipating this, KHI held a fire evacuation simulation activity caused by an electrical short circuit at the KHI Cilegon Factory on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. This activity was attended by 61 employees consisting of employee representatives in each division or work area, medical team, SHE team. and the KHI security team.

This fire evacuation simulation is carried out to improve the skills and alertness of employees in taking steps to prevent fire when a fire occurs in the KHI factory and office area before the Damkar goes to the location. In addition, the simulation also aims to test and carry out the management and rescue scenarios that have been made as well as to socialize the evacuation signs in the KHI factory and office environment.

With a good understanding of technical understanding of fire fighting in fire, it is hoped that employees can provide safety to themselves and save important company assets.

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