Social Responsibilities

As part of the community the company engages a company social responsibilities program by providing assistance in the form of low interest loan and charities to support the small business and community activities.

Low interest loan is given to family/small businesses and aim at the promotion of economic activities of the surrounding communities in the form of revolving fund – and the initial fund is allocated from profit distribution based on share holders meeting decision. Charity is annually budgeted and it is given to the general communities in the form of aid for natural disaster, education, cultural and religion activities. Aid for education, cultural and religion activities is focused to be given to nearby Islamic Boarding Schools.

Beside the above mention program that engaged by the company, the same program is also run together with the other sister companies and it is coordinated by PT Krakatau Steel as parent company.

Up to June 2008 there has been 20 units of small businesses received the assistance in the form of low interest revolving loan.